Fay Biegun

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

Inspired by the world around me and provoked by emotional, spiritual, and intellectual questions, I use a variety of media and styles to describe different aspects of reality, creating works of art that stretch the imagination.


Themes range from the simple depiction of a person or place, to the description of a psychological state, to abstract political commentary, and, as in my latest series, to the examination of mystical structures, which exist similarly in all cultures and religions. My images suggest through geometry and symbol how the powers of archetype and myth are used to comprehend universal cosmic concepts through the specific and the mundane and how these are used to clarify the meaning of man's existence, as exemplified by the Tale of the Universal Hero.


In essence, I am depicting the positive energy from within each of us that illuminates our path to the future.

Artist Statement

Edgar Degas